Student Resources

Suzuki Recordings

YouTube Recordings of Suzuki Violin Book 1

YouTube Recordings of Suzuki Violin Book 2

YouTube Recordings of Suzuki Violin Books 3-6

How to Practice



Online Metronome

Free Tuner/Metronome Apps – Musician’s Kit (iphone), Sound Corset (Android)

Bow Hold – Practice Holding Your Bow with this Video

Introduction to Note Reading – TED How to Read Music

Speed Reading Game 

Note Reading Worksheets

Khan Academy Music Introduction

 Rhythm Tracks for Practicing with Scales and Rhythm Exercises –

Square Beat at 60 BPM

Square Beat at 80 BPM

Square Beat at 100 BPM

Square Beat at 120 BPM

All other square tempo markings (playlist)

Waltz Beat 3/4 at 120 BPM

Waltz Beat at 140 BPM

6/8 Time at 110 BPM

Funk Beat 4/4 at 90 BPM

Blues Shuffle at 120 BPM

Country Shuffle at 120 BPM

Dubstep Tracks


Care For Your Instrument

How to Handle Your Instrument

Cleaning Your Instrument


Articles and Blogs

Maude Powell’s 10 Practice Rules

TED article: how playing an instrument benefits your brain

Math and physics behind tone production

Sassmannshaus Method Videos

National Fiddler Hall of Fame – “A Lick a Week” Channel

Musician’s Way – helpful articles and practice tips

Bulletproof Musician – developing bulletproof practice habits


Do you know of great resources I haven’t listed here? Tell me about them! 

I’m always looking for more resources – send me links, suggestions, and comments below:

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